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  • NES HEALTH Bioenergetic Remote Scanner and Interpretation for $249
    NES HEALTH Bioenergetic Remote Scanner and Interpretation for $249. Product Description: The simple Bioenergetic scan takes about 30 seconds to complete. You can do your scan from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world. What you get: 50 minute consult to review your scan; Screenshots of your Bioenergetic NES Scan; PDF’s that help you understand all the health issues identified in your scan; Infoceutical recommendations (4 are recommended to start). A Bioenergetic scan reveals: Energy blockages. Your scan will identify energy blockages in the human body-field and pinpoint the strength of the energy being produced by various systems and organs. Nutritional issues: The scan report will highlight current challenges in absorption, the state of your metabolic processes, and intolerance(s) to certain foods. Your Exposure to environmental toxins and sensitivities: a bioenergetic scan determines what environmental factors, toxic metals, chemicals, and EMFs you have been exposed to and the body’s ability to handle their impact when present. Emotional and mental analysis: Helps identify past shocks and traumas that are negatively impacting your physical health. Grab this awesome deal while you can at The more you shop, the more you save.
  • Mineral Power (includes Hair Mineral Test) for $599
    Mineral Power (includes Hair Mineral Test) for $599. LEARN MORE: MINERALPOWER.COM - Mineral Power PRIME takes your health to a whole new level you never thought possible. It begins with a Hair Mineral Analysis to design a custom supplement program appropriate for your body chemistry. Improve your mental clarity, energy and regain your health. Improve health conditions, and heal your entire body by simply giving it what it needs nutritionally, removing heavy metals and hundreds of chemicals that interfere with your daily functions. The Key to Mineral Power - Give the body essential building blocks, remove toxins and the body heals itself. It’s simple and it works. A Mineral Power program will do far more than symptom removal and reverse disease; it will vastly improve your vitality, energy, mood, mental functioning and much more. No matter how healthy you eat or take care of yourself, you CANNOT achieve true health unless you purge heavy metals, and environmental chemicals from your body. You also must replenish the body with proper supplementation that is specific to you. This will be discovered in the beginning of your program. By understanding your individual deficiencies, you can begin to give your body the exact nutrients it was missing. Everyone has toxic metals and chemicals in their body, but most do not understand how to properly detox to draw them out. In fact, detoxing should always be overseen by a professional. That's why we created Mineral Power! We have 7 highly trained Practitioners supporting you every step of the way. Today, a healthy diet and lifestyle alone are not enough to achieve optimal health given the levels of toxins in the environment. If your health regime or program does not include detox, you will not get the results that you seek. Mineral Power utilizes proven detox protocols to remove metals and chemicals. Not only that, but replenishes the body with the precise vitamins, and minerals it was missing. . Buy through and grab this great deal! Remember, you have only a few hours left to redeem your offer!