Chou Sauvage Promo Codes & Coupons

  • A. Rose with Face $800
    Dreams inspire art just as this rose motif inspires the practical dreamer. Highest quality canvas print.Embellished and signed by artist with C.o.A. (certificate of authenticity). Chou Sauvage Series, 2017. Limited Edition Series of 50. 24" by 24" (61 cm by 61 cm). Sold as flat canvas sheet for framing or mounting. Shipped in tube. Artist: James Sasso. Save more, buy more, at Best sellers will disappear soon if you don't grab them!
  • Mutton Mountains (Original) $1,000
    These works on canvas were created on site, plein air, at Kaskela Farms during the 2017 eclipse. Mutton Mountains was actually created during the eclipse, documenting the changing light and surreal atmosphere. Right Before Your Eyes was painted on our first night at the farm. My intention was to set up my ‘studio’ and then paint the following day, however, Mother Nature had a different plan. Right in front of my ‘studio’ was the Deschutes River on the other side of the river was an active, full blown, fire. I get goosebumps still thinking about how, right before my eyes, the colors morphed as the fire engulfed the terrain. Kaskela documents the day after the fire, the aftermath. The soft maize colored mountains were now scared with a deep dark brown. Miraculously patches of life remained, untouched by the fire, reminding all of us that all will be well. Grab this awesome deal while you can at The more you shop, the more you save.